Here at The Chris Jones Group, we know how important it is to stay connected with our clients, as well as our industry.

To make sure you get the best, we publish and distribute a variety of communications.

- Rate Watch is successful strategy we use to match our clients up with their target interest rate.  This is more critical then ever.  Our Rate Watch activities ensure that you have every opportunity to act when the time is right.

Rate Watch is free and scheduled to go out every business day via e-mail. 

Group news (electronic)

- We send periodic updates to you via email.  Nothing fancy, just our “Group news”.  If you sign up for Rate Watch, you will automatically receive this.

– Our free printed newsletter goes out every few months.  It’s designed to be something you can relax with and find useful.  We now mail out to over 900 people, across the USA.   

The Red Post – Also a printed, The Red Post is a way we deliver important information when we think it needs to go out right away.  This is sent out as needed.   This post is automatically sent out to everyone who receives the above post.

We use our knowledge, experience, and smart work strategies to provide you with the best in mortgage services available.  We understand what is going on in the world and the market.  We understand how everything is influenced.  to track and love the results.

We encourage you to take full advantage of these communication tools.  And if you ever change your mind, just tell us or unsubscribe.  It’s simple.

CONFIDENTIALITY – in our business, confidentiality is a must.  We don’t sell your information, ever!