My name is Chris Jones and my job is to get you into a home. It’s simple. You come talk to me and we come up with a plan, a strategy to make it happen. What I do seems like magic, which is why my friends started calling me the “Resident Magician.” Of course, it only looks like magic. In reality, it a lot of work by myself and a really good group of people at The Chris Jones Group. We each use our expertise to make it happen. I actually understand how the market works, and the products it produces. I understand how everything from the weather to CNBC reporting influences the mortgage rate you pay. No, I’m not a magician or a prophet, I’m a tracker. I can’t always forecast accurately which direction rates are headed – I’m a tracker, not Nostradamus. But I know the landscape and I use this knowledge to help anyone with a mortgage, or anyone that works with people in real estate, save money on mortgage interest.

I am the author and distributor of Rate Watch, a broadcast and an email (by subscription only) that puts my tracker skills to work for my clients. This e-mail will help you keep an eye on the market.

This strategy has provided us with a dozen examples of our clients that scored an interest rate on their mortgage several ticks below the general market because of this service. How did we do it? We got together early, figured out what rate would make sense for them either for a purchase or for a refinance, and then we watched until the rate came into play. And then we locked it. It’s fairly simple, really.

I also generate an offline newsletter, every few weeks or so, titled “The Pontificating Potty Post.”

I write for two national mortgage publications, The Niche Report and the Scotsman Guide, and I blog for’s Mortgages Unzipped mortgage blog, as well as City 1st’s First Response blog.

I’m a reader and a writer, a sports fan, husband to Jeanette and father of eight.

I currently own and operate The Chris Jones Group, a branch of City 1st Mortgages, in Lehi, Utah.

I offer you experience, market-smarts, and a group of people know how to do the job right.